6 kinds of people you meet in line

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Wait in a line and you’re sure to meet some characters. Wait in enough lines and you’ll start to notice they all fall into a few categories. Here’s a quick overview of the kinds of people you meet waiting in line.

The anxious fidgeter

This poor soul has somewhere else they need to be, and yet they’re here stranded in this line. The anxious fidgeter is most often found in airport security lines and at peak hour in supermarkets. Throw them a calm and reassuring look and hope your serenity rubs off.

The vacant zombie

This person has accepted their fate and is no longer completely with us. Don’t make any sudden moves lest they snap awake from their stupor, realise their bleak situation and eat everybody’s faces off.

The line buds

They don’t even care that they’ve got 40 minutes waiting to go! They’ve made a friend and having the best time! They’re talking about their hopes and dreams! They’re talking about their childhoods! They’re talking about their pets and comparing medical histories! By the end of this, they are going to be the best! Friends! Ever!

The boy scout

This person lives by one motto: be prepared. And boy howdy are they prepared for waiting in this line. Most often seen at iPhone launches and movie premieres, this person has been in line for hours, or even days. They could last weeks if need be, because they have brought with them everything necessary for human survival.

The next in line

This smug so-and-so is going to get exactly what they came here for. They’re going to leave the line and go out into the big wide world. They’re trying to play it cool but everyone can see how pleased with themselves they are. They’ve done it. They’ve won the line.

The Placer

A line pro, ready to wait at a moment’s notice, the Placer is doing their duty waiting in line in place of a generous patron. They’re making the most of the wait by catching up on some reading or by watching a movie on their phone, and once they’re done they can go treat themselves with the $$$ they just earned.

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