8 of the Best Ways to Pass Time in Line

And preferably you're earning money while you do it!

You’ve decided it’s worth the wait so get comfortable. Here are our top 8 tips on how to pass time in line and let it feel like a total breeze.

1. Candy Crush y’all

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This mind numbingly yet addictive game does something to your brain that well, not even the experts can figure out?

2. Write a bucket list

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If this doesn’t motivate you, we’re not sure what will.

3. Message or call a family member you haven’t heard from in a while

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But be prepared to get a reply, and continue the conversation. Do make sure it’s someone you like.

4. Listen to a podcast or audiobook

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Reading takes concentration, concentration takes brain energy, and brain energy requires focus.. If you’d love to learn but would rather listen than stare at something, audiobooks are where it’s at!

5. Write out what you would be doing, if you could do ANYTHING right now

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You never know, you might stumble across your next fantastic business idea.

6. Troll social media

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The default time-waster.

7. Get to know someone in line

You’re staring at them, they’re staring at you. You realise you’re wearing the same shoes #BROS. Say something!

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8. Write yourself a letter that you’ll open in a year

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Because there’s nothing like laughing at yourself in a year for standing in a line for… what was it again? To Instagram those cronuts as much as eat them #worthit.

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