New York lines for entertainment that are totally worth it

I'm not going to lie and tell you One Direction doesn't feature

We visit New York because there’s so much to do and see—especially in the way of entertainment. But in a city with so many residents and even more visitors, those tickets are a hot commodity and you’d better be willing to line up for them.

Saturday Night Live

If you don’t get tickets by entering the lottery (email the studio in August—and ONLY in August) you can still get standby tickets at 7 am at 30 Rockefeller Plaza on the mornings of the show. The rules are incredibly strict and there’s absolutely no guarantee you’ll actually get in even if you’ve got a standby ticket—a total Debbie Downer. But if you make it you’ll be one of the few who did.

Other NBC shows

Tickets for other NBC shows are easier to come by, but the standby lines for sold out shows work in a similar way to Saturday Night Live. Line up before 9 am this time, and you’ll be given a stub which you bring back later in the day to find out if you got in.

Hamilton tickets

Unless you’re the vice president, these tickets are rather difficult to come by. The cancellation line is the place to go on short notice—who knows, you might get lucky.

New York has plenty of other musicals to see, of course, and if they’re as hot as Hamilton the lotteries and cancellation lines are the way to go for those too.

Shakespeare in the Park

Get this – these tickets are FREE. But you’ll have to wait and wait and wait. There’s no holding places for other people for these unfortunately, but the wait is an experience in and of itself. You might have to line up 12 hours before they hand out tickets. That means getting to Central Park at midnight. Rug up, bring a book and dedicate a day to Shakespeare.

Baseball games

Until recently, you couldn’t buy an electronic ticket for Yankee Stadium. Now, sure, you can get your ticket online, but you’ve still got to line up to get in, and that can take a long time. Good thing you’ll have plenty of time to sit down once you’re inside.

Madison Square Garden

Featuring the who’s-who of artists and performers from all over the world, getting high-demand tickets and then actually getting into the shows at Madison Square Garden can take a while.

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