New York lines for sightseeing worth the wait

... Is that the line? Yup.

New York is a massive, bustling metropolis—it’s the Big Apple, baby! Just don’t say that to a local. They don’t call it that. New York is famous for its landmarks, entertainment, food and nightlife… and lines.

They say the British are the world experts at forming a ‘queue’, but New Yorkers can definitely give them a run for their money. So with all the choice and the often extreme wait times, what’s worth the wait and what isn’t? Well …

Empire State Building

No surprises here, this is what we all came to see. The Empire State building is literally iconic and has hands down the best view of the city.

Sure, if you go at peak times the line is horrendous, but you didn’t come to the city just to look at this building from the outside.

National 9/11 Memorial and Museum

A sombre place to learn about and reflect on the tragedy of the 2001 attack on the World Trade Centre. The museum is located at Ground Zero. Tickets are for specific times, but once you’re inside you can stay as long as you like. Online tickets attract a service fee, but getting them in person avoids this extra charge.

Statue of Liberty

It’s worth braving the other tourists to pay Lady Liberty a visit. She’s a testament to America’s history as an immigrant nation and is probably the most recognisable landmark in the entire country.

You can get three different kinds of tickets depending on how high up the statue you want to go, but all of them include a ferry ride out to Liberty Island. Rad.

The United Nations

Here it is! A shining jewel of international diplomacy and peacemaking, or a groaning and inefficient bureaucracy—it all depends on who you ask. Take a tour and see for yourself. You usually have to book far in advance, but in-person tickets for the next available tour can be purchased across the road if you’re lucky.

Rockerfeller Centre

It’s one of the most famous examples of Art Deco architecture in the world and home to your favourite TV shows.

Top of the Rock will always have a bit of a line, but it’s also got a view to rival the Empire State. As a bonus, while you’re inside you can pretend to be Liz Lemon. Or I guess Jack Donaghy, if you’re awful.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

What you’re looking at here is the biggest museum in the United States. It’s amazing, there’s even a bona fide Egyptian temple that was moved into the building block by block! You can get tickets online, but you have to pay full price. If you take the time to line up (and at peak times it can be a bit of a wait), you can pay what you want. Do give generously though, it’s an incredible museum and worth every penny.

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