The rules of jump etiquette

Aka how not to piss people off when using Placer

Placer is brand new, so it’s going to take a bit of adjusting. You might get a few funny looks from other people in line, but we can make the transition much smoother if we follow a few simple rules of etiquette.

Be bold, but be clear about what’s happening

When you accept a request and join a line, be open about who you are and that you’re holding the place for someone who will come along later. Being upfront is the best policy rather than surprising the other people at the front of the line when the stakes are much higher.

Make friends with security

Well, you don’t have to be best friends, but if someone is minding the line (like at a nightclub or taxi rink) have a chat to them first so they’re not surprised when you swap places with your booker. It can save a lot of grief later on and make things easier for everyone once your booker arrives.

Pay attention to the conditions of the line

Use your keen senses to survey the line. Are there barriers keeping people from swapping places? The line at the Empire State building snakes inside which means it’s difficult to hold a place for someone else once you reach that point. Is there a ticketing system? Are they checking IDs? These are all important and can affect the success of a jump.

Communicate with your booker

Once you have all the information, let your booker know! Check in every 15 minutes or so and let them know how and when they should approach the line. If conditions change, you need to tell your booker. Your level of communication can really affect your rating, so speak up.

We’re all learning

Because Placer is brand new, there aren’t many other services that allow people to put a Placer in a line. Some venues just won’t allow Placers in lines, but we won’t know until we try! If you get turned away or if your jump doesn’t work, let the Placer support team know and we can work with that venue to make sure we have more success next time.

If it all goes wrong, it’s (probably) not your fault

Even if you’ve followed all the other rules, sometimes things just don’t go to plan. That’s OK! We’re working it out as we go along, and sometimes people make mistakes. Be kind, communicate well and know that the Placer support team is always just a tap away if you need us.

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